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Artisan In Time (Book) 艺匠古今

Client: Shanghai Museum

Artisan in Time (艺匠古今) is a circulating exhibition about traditional Chinese artisan objects, curated by Shanghai Museum. The storyline of the exhibition is based on a picture book I illustrated.

Some traditional crafts featured in the book are:
bamboo weaving (竹编)
woodcut New Year paintings (木版年画)
Suzhou folding fans (苏州折扇)
Changzhou wooden combs (常州梳篦)
Yixing clay teapots (宜兴紫砂)
palm leaf weaving (棕榈叶编)
Jingdezhen china (景德镇瓷器)
Yangzhou lacquerware (扬州漆器)
lanterns (灯彩)