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Model Citizen Guidelines (Ongoing Project) 好青年

A fictitious kids’ schoolbook, illustrated.
This project is in progress. More details will be revealed upon completion. Below is a preview.

Be a team player.

Focus on your books, not on your looks.

Crying is embarrassing (for boys).

Mind your own business.

Kid without a mom is like a rainy day.

Boys and girls should stay away from each other.

Suffering is good for you.

Be the leader. 

Always be contributing.

You Can Only Fall Asleep on Your Own (Book)

36-page llustrated book about my struggle with insomnia.

Emperor and the Assassin

Client: Scholastics

Art Director: Kelly Roberts

Illustrations for Junior Scholastics Magazine about Jing Ke, the man who almost assassinated Emperor Qin (荆轲刺秦王).

Mystery Garden

Client: Society6

Grandpa’s garden and my childhood dog. For Society6’s Art Quarterly + Flipside No. 4.2.

The Shanghairen

Client: The Shanghairen Project

Design: Benoit Petrus

Image for an imaginary magazine cover inspired by my experience from living in the city of Shanghai.