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The New York Times New New World Column (I)

Client: The New York Times

Art Director: Minh Uong

Illustrations for the New York Times New New World column on a series of China-related topics.

Chinese Entrepreneurs Moving to Singapore:

Business Elites Are Fleeing China:

We’re on That Bus, Too:

A Kafkaesque Show of Zero-Covid for an Audience of One:

China’s Microchip Ambition:

Young Chinese Face a Bleak Future:

Has Shanghai Been Xinjianged:

The Covid Economic Disruption:

‘Zero Covid’ Mess Proves Autocracy Hurts Everyone:

‘China Model’ on the wrong track:

China’s Information Dark Age:

China Embraces Russian Propaganda:

Chinese See Themselves in a Chained Woman:

China’s Youth Are Turning to Mao: